If you want your new car to run as safely and effectively as possible then organise your comprehensive log book servicing Brisbane with Brisbane’s auto repair specialists. The local and experienced team at Mosley’s Automotive can complete your regular log book services without voiding your warranty. Choose an honest and traditional team for your car services and protect your car and your precious cargo for less.

What Is Log Book Servicing?

A log book is an owner’s guide to maintaining a healthy car and in the hands of your mechanics it is an easy way to ensure quality and safety. Every new car purchase comes with a log book that outlines how often a car needs to be serviced (usually in kilometres) and what exactly needs to be looked at. At Mosley’s Automotive, our comprehensive log book servicing Brisbane examines and maintains your vehicle in the way it was intended to be.

Quality Car Servicing for Less

The experienced team at Mosley’s Automotive in Brisbane are authentic and honest mechanics. Our log book services emphasise quality, but don’t rip you off with unnecessary services. We offer complete logbook servicing and with our thorough services and traditional values, it often works out cheaper than going back to your dealer.

What Our Log Book Service Provides

Our comprehensive Log Book Servicing in Brisbane provides a genuine, “by the book” service that maintains your car without voiding your warranty. At Mosley’s Automotive our focus is always on quality and convenience for our customer’s. Our log book servicing includes:

  • Genuine, branded parts as outlined by your log book
  • Validating your log book with detailed signing and stamping
  • Loan car options during your service; and,
  • A comprehensive service that follows your log book

We are a fully authorised log book servicing team in Slacks Creek with over 30 years of experience. Contact us today for your next service.


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