When you have a car you must make sure you look after it because neglecting car repairs and other services. This can have extremely negative impacts on your vehicle in the long run. Having a clear idea of Car Care Tips in Brisbane will ensure you are treating your car well for a long life together.

10 Car Care Tips in Brisbane:

1. Careful Driving – This is not only for preventing crashes but driving defensive can be useful for extending the life span of your car.

2. Weekly Washing – Regardless of whether you own a new or second-hand car, cleaning your car at least once a week will help to stave off corrosion and keep your vehicle looking as new as possible. When possible wash your car when it is cool an shady keeping away from the extreme heat!

3. Waxing – Waxing stops oxidation and can preserve a car’s paint finish for longer. Wax your car every season to ensure optimal results.

4. Shade – Parking in the shade when possible or investing in a carport will keep UV rays off your paintwork and interiors. This Car Care Tip in Brisbane is so important as the summer months are in full swing. Looking after your cars interior will help increase how long you have it and the keep its market price from reducing.

5. Oil Change – Frequent oil and filter changes remove abrasive dirt and other particles and will prevent these from entering the engine oil.

6. Tyres – Regular pressure checks and inspections for wear will ensure you’re always driving on suitable tyres.

7. Engine Cleaning – It’s recommended to clean your car’s engine at least once a year to help it run more efficiently.

8. Spark Plugs – These should be changed after 50,000 kilometres to improve engine performance.

9. Battery – Cleaning battery terminals and checking its power output will give you an early warning if something’s wrong.

10. Insurance – Taking out the most comprehensive level of car cover you’re able to afford will ensure you’re protected.

These 10 Car Care Tips in Brisbane will help you keep your car looking good and working at optimal performance. If you need to speak to an auto mechanic in Logan get in contact with Mosley’s Automatic today on 07 3208 8833

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