The way you drive your car can have a huge impact on how quickly it uses up its petrol. By putting in place a Fuel Efficient Driving Technique you can cut your fuel bills and reduce the time you spend filling your car with fuel. You might not know you are doing these, take a look at some of the techniques that can reduce your fuel bill!

Drive Smoothly

The smoother your drive and the fewer unexpected stops you come to, the lower your fuel use will be. This simple Fuel Efficient Driving Technique will save you money as the faster you drive, the more fuel you burn, so avoid burning rubber. Always accelerate gently and keep an eye on the road so you can react accordingly to ensure road safety. You should also decelerate as smoothly as possible by releasing the accelerator in plenty of time leaving your car in gear.

Reduce Air Con

When the weather permits, cut down on your air conditioning when driving at low speeds. When driving slower than 100 km/h, the more Fuel Efficient Driving Technique is to lower your windows. As well as air con, decide how many extras you really need so if you’re not using your heated rear windscreen, demister blowers or headlights, turn them off.  These small things on while you are driving can really increase the cost of fuel you put in your car.

Avoid Idling

Don’t let your car idle for more than three minutes if you’re stuck in very bad traffic or you’re waiting for someone, turn it off instead. By implementing this Fuel Efficient Driving Technique you will not only reduce green house gasses but also your fuel bill. It is also helpful to make sure you’re always using the most efficient gear for your speed.

LPG Conversions in Logan

An LPG conversion is a great Fuel Efficient Driving Technique, helping out your bottom line as well as the environment. Contact Mosley’s Automotive on (07) 3208 8833 for LPG conversions and domestic and foreign car repairs in Logan.

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