With modern cars becoming more reliant on electrical systems all the time, batteries are being placed under more strain than ever. Learning how to check that your battery is working properly before you set off will greatly reduce the risk of breakdowns and expensive repairs out on the road.

This video from Howcast presents a step-by-step guide to checking your car battery, after taking care to protect yourself by wearing safety glasses and gloves and removing any metallic jewellery. The first thing to check is the battery age by reading the date stamped on its side, as batteries that are over five years old will usually need to be replaced. Turning on your headlights is a good indication of whether the battery is working properly.

If you think your battery is not giving out the power it should, connecting a voltmeter or multimeter to the battery terminals can check this. If the output is less than 12.4 volts, this usually indicates that the battery needs to be recharged or replaced, though it can also sometimes be an issue with the alternator. To confirm whether this is the case, check your battery voltage again after charging or replacing the unit.

If there is no issue with the battery or alternator but your car is still leaking power, you will need to speak to a mechanic who will be able to track down the fault in the system. Contact Mosley’s Automotive on (07) 3208 8833 to speak to a professional auto mechanic in Logan.

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