Engine oil should always be checked as part of your regular car service, but it can be useful to keep track of the oil level at other times to make sure your engine components are protected and to avoid expensive repairs.

This video from Holden instructs car owners on how to check their engine oil levels, which can vary between vehicles but follows the same basic principles. Your engine should always be turned off before you perform any checks, but it’s recommended to run the engine for a while and to wait for 10 minutes before checking the oil so that it will still be warm and have the chance to settle. The car should also be on level ground to make sure you get an accurate reading.

When you have located the engine oil reservoir, pull out the dipstick tool using a cloth or paper towel to remove the oil residue, then reinsert it for a few seconds to obtain a reading. Depending on the make and model of the car, the dipstick may have incremental indicators for an accurate reading of the oil level, or you can just check its position relative to the lower and upper marks. Your oil level should always be somewhere between these two marks to prevent internal engine damage occurring.

Checking your engine oil each time you refuel your car is a reliable method for keeping track of levels throughout the year.

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